Wellesley has once again heeded the call to Service!

As previously reported, Laila Ryklief (our Head of Service) has challenged all the girls in the school to do their bit for the community. Wellesley visited Tenterden Place of Safety in the first term for a day of fun and painting . We were all so moved by the experience that we decided to return: this time, it was for a Pizza and Movie afternoon!

17 girls from Wellesley House and 9 boys from Van Riebeeck House (Wynberg Boys' High) made their way to Tenterden after school on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. As always, our arrival was met with loud cheers and much excitement. We arrived loaded with packets of chips and popcorn to share with our Tenterden friends.

Ya know:  Friends, Movies, Popcorn?
They have to go together....

The Lion King brought tears, laughter and cheers to all of us as we snuggled under duvets for the afternoon feature. Some were so excited they could hardly sit still. Some were singing along to the songs, others watched mesmerised and others just could not stop hugging and jumping and running.

Thank you to Debonairs (Plumstead) for providing us with pizzas at a greatly reduced price, and Mrs Bristow and her husband for sponsoring 80 litres of juice for these wonderful children. We appreciate your gifts more than you can know.

We will visit Tenterden again at the end of the term. This time, we hope to help with some of the maintenance issues that exist at all government institutions. If there are any parents who would like to volunteer their time or services for our next project, please contact Ms Opperman.




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Hot Slice Of Pizza Clipart Thumb2759981 Copy
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