Wellesley House creates a Wynberg specific Pokemon House Challenge.

Catch 'Pokemon'
Each house required two participants to enter the challenge. The pair from each house started in the hall where they were reminded of the instructions before the game could start. The pair from each house needed to find their own specific Pokemon (they were labeled with the name of their house) if a pair found a Pokemon from another house they were allowed to hide it in another spot, but weren't allowed to tell them where it was hidden! Once they had collected their own Pokemon, they received a clue as to where the main prize- the minion - was hidden. They had to move quickly because the minion also changed hiding spots (courtesy of the Matric leaders)!! The first pair to get to the minion was announced as the winner.

It was a blast and the girls had a lot of fun running around trying to find their own Pokemon as well as hiding the other houses'. In the end, Wellesley won the challenge, being the first house to find the minion.

English  Pokémon