Professor Jonathan Jansen is a leading voice in Education. Shortly after the announcement of the 2011 Matric Results, he encouraged South Africans to reflect on the current state of education and the demands that we make of our students in an article published in the Saturday Argus entitled 'Matric razmatazz conceals sad reality'

When the offer arose for our students to attend a talk given by him at Rondebosch Boys' High we leapt at the chance.

On Thursday the 19th July a few Wynberg girls and staff members were privileged enough to attend a talk given by Professor Jonathan Jansen at Rondebosch Boys High. Professor Jansen is the current vice chancellor at Free State University. He spoke about the educational crisis in South Africa, and the fact that there is still such a wide gap between privileged and unprivileged schools. He is adamant that South Africans expect too little from our students, and don’t tell them often enough of what they’re capable of. Even offering Mathematical Literacy as a subject, he ssays, is an example of this.

During his speech, he also touched on the need for people to show more humanity towards each other, and quoted Finding Nemo: we need to find our homes and our humanity in other people, the way Dory feels at home when she looks at Martin. Professor Jansen is an extremely intelligent, insightful and inspiring man, and managed to address these topics with openness and a sense of humour. He is definitely worth listening to, and we hope that one day he will come to speak at Wynberg Girls' High.

-by Andra Hoole and Kate Bell


Jonathan  Jansen