There was such a pleasant surprise as a copy of Learning under Lockdown: Voices of South Africa’s Children was made available for staff to dip into. The collection was compiled by Compiled by Jonathan Jansen and Emily O’Ryan and includes the thoughts of learners across South Africa.

At the bargain price of R99 only it is a work that provides ‘raw’ insight into the thoughts, emotions and challenges faced by many learners across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. The purpose of the project was to give a voice to the students during this very trying time, and moneys raised through the sales will be donated to schools' feeding schemes.

We pull some of our students' thoughts of from the collection

"As the weeks drag on, the hours rush by, my emotional pysche takes a dip. I struggle to sleep at night. I develop headaches and tummy aches."

I feel so alone and depressed. Walking around in sleepwear for days on end is not me - it has become the new abnormal me.... I miss being in the classroom.

There is still a great divide between the schools that have and those that have not. Are we not all South Africans with the same constitutional rights? .... Covid 19 has shown me we are not equal.

Well done to to the Wynberg girls who responded to this initiative. We are moved and so proud of you!

Learning under Lockdown: Voices of South Africa’s Children​