Chéyenne Britten, Head of our Hostel, reflects on the term in Waterloo House

Term 2 saw Waterloo House quieter than usual, with its being an exam term. It was all work and no play, as the boarders started studying.. Hmmm....Okay, maybe just a little play. However, the term was packed with fun activities once the exams were over.

Owing to the many public holidays in the first few weeks of Term 2, we held two movie nights. One of these took place the night before Workers’ Day and another one before the elections. We watched 'Super 8', which was a unique, intense and imaginative movie and completely different from the usual rom-com. 'The Last Summer', was the second movie we watched, and was more a light hearted coming of age film.

Top creditors were recognized and rewarded with some treats. These boarders achieved the most credits for displaying behaviour that goes beyond that which is expected of everyone and for service that is offered freely and generously (not with the expectation of a reward). These girls were Cassidy Matthews, Asanda Manashe , Surika Snyman, Siya Melani and Asanda Noludwe.

The boarders brought their thickest blankets and fluffiest socks from home, to survive the cold rainy days at hostel. The common room, dining room and duty room were the places one would commonly find boarders gathered, holding their steaming cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to take a break from studying for exams. Motivational quotes were placed on the door as one left hostel to go to school, encouraging boarders to rather be productive than busy and to not decrease their goals but to increase their effort.

We celebrated World Burger Day on the 28 May with the juiciest chicken burgers imaginable, as well as World Donut Day on Friday, 7 June, where we had an assortment of donuts to choose from during lunchtime.

As exams came to an end, and the end of Term 2 was in sight, laughter in the passages were heard again and discussions at the dinner table were no longer about studying, but about plans for the 3-week long holiday. As a way to have fun and let loose, a Karaoke Night was held, where girls were able to sing along to disney favorites like “High School Musical”and “Camp Rock”. Because there were two mics, most girls sang duets. Popcorn, a necessary part of the event, was supplied and made by Grades 11 and 10. Much fun was also had on the dance mats, where girls needed to comply with instructions on the screen. This was particularly popular with our Grade 8’s who challenged each other in an arrow-stepping dance battle.

The Grade 8s have settled in and are used to the routine of hostel life. At end of Term 1, the Grades 8s had to write about their experience at hostel thus far, and had to express one wish or goal for their next term at Waterloo House. I noticed that a large number of Grade 8s met their goals and have improved their relationships with those in other grades and are displaying more sisterly behaviour within their own grade.

Term 2 has been a challenging school term but the boarders have helped and supported one another. I look forward to yet another term of laughter, fun and teamwork and I am sure many girls will miss their Waterloo sisters as they return to their families for the June/July holidays.

2019 June Hostel Leaders