Some winning indoor hockey was played by our 3rd and 4th teams against Pinelands High School, and good lessons learnt by our 2nd team. 

This week, only the second, third and fourth team took part in fixtures. The first team had a bye owing to Pinelands High School's first team being in the second league.

On Wednesday, 21 February the second indoor hockey team played against Pinelands. The girls were high in confidence from the victory last week and ready to play yet another 1st team this week. Unfortunately, we were on the back foot and Pinelands came with their A-game and full force from the start. The score was not in our favour and we suffered a defeat. We will continue to strive and give our everything to play better hockey in the next few weeks.

The third team displayed a tactical game of hockey against Pinelands. Both teams worked hard and the score was 2-2 for a long period of the match. Wynberg then stepped up their game by scoring two quick goals, walking away with a 4-2 win. Special mentions go out to Rachel du Plessis who scored within the first 3 minutes of the game as well as Aakifah Abrahams and our goalie, Erin Bredekamp, who showed off great defending skills.

The fourth team can be proud of their first win of the season. They worked hard and scored a beautiful goal early on in the game. Asanda Manashe and Gadeeja Samaai used a beautiful display of team effort to score the only goal for the match. All players of the fourth team need to be commended for the improvement evident in their games since the start of the season, and we hope that this will be the first win of many for this team.

Hockey Vs Pinelands1
Hockey Vs Pinelands