The Captain of our Cross Country Team reports on the results of their first race of the season held at Fish Hoek on Wednesday afternoon.

On the 10 April, our Cross Country Runners ran the Fish Hoek race. This was a relay race, where we had three groups of of three, who individually ran a 2km loop.

In the first team we had Mia Grace, Beth Goode and Jade Irvine-Smith. In the second team we had Jenna Ryklief, Gemma Hoskins and Mieka Roebert. Lastly, in the third team we had Gabriella Spriggs, Usisiphokazi Manxoyi and Qailah Daniels.The second team placed 5th, the first team placed 8th and the third team placed 13th.

Congratulations to our girls for their first race of the year.

Mia Grace
Beth Goode
Jade Irvince Smith
Gemma Hoskins
Jenna Ryklief
Mieka Roebert
Gabriella Spriggs
Usisiphokazi Manxoyi
Qailah Daniels