We congratulate the 29 girls who have made it to the second round of the South African Mathematics Olympiad, which they will be writing between 14:00 and 16:00 on Wednesday 16 May. 

We hope that they know that the school is right behind them. May they bring clarity of thought and presence of mind to the experience. Here's to the representatives from Wynberg punching the living daylights out of this exam!

Grade 8: Teva Shuman, Polyanne Carlos, Emily Shuman, Raine Horne, Ayesha Hofmeyer, Amy Scholz, Zoe Vermaak, Raeesa Zalgaonkir, Caitlin Joseph, Imrah Mia

Grade 9: Ashleigh Mingo, Gemma Hoskins, Leah Brown, Margarita Charitou

Grade 10: Aster Horne, Qailah Daniels, Lara Mills

Grade 11: Kaley Appleton, Robyn Brown, Mu’minah Salie, Margareta Bosch, Kayla Barnes, Zahra Gamiet, Olivia Joseph, Nicola van Tellingen, Stephanie Newman

Grade 12: Na-eela Coleman, Aashiqa Regal, Isabelle Hayes.

South African Mathematics Olympiad