This report was published in the South African Sailing Monthly Newsletter July 2018, and it is with great pride in Sarah's achievements that we reproduce it here.

Sarah-Jane Deary achieved the best result for a South African girl at the Youth World Championships by bagging 21st spot in the Laser Radial class.

The 18-year-old had two top-20 results in Corpus Christi, Texas and emerged well inside the top half of the 46-strong field, which was dominated by eventual winner – American Charlotte Rose.

“The Corpus Christi Youth Worlds was a very good experience,” said a thrilled Deary afterwards. “The standard among the top girls was high and I have gained so much knowledge. It was interesting meeting competitors from different countries and to see how they train for sailing compared to us.

“US Nationals was a great warm up for Youth Worlds to adjust to the weather and get sleep patterns right after the jet lag before the main event,” added the Wynberg Girls’ High School student, who went straight back into training on her return to South Africa. “I am pleased that there is a high performance team to join and carry on training with a schedule and that the training has not stopped straight after Youth Worlds.”

Meanwhile, also putting in a good showing in the USA was Deary’s team-mate Cullen Keytel, who finished 32nd out of the field of 58 sailors in the boys’ Laser Radial class, which was won by New Zealander Josh Armit. Keytel’s best result of the Youth World Championships was a promising 16th
spot in one of his races.

“The whole event was completely different to the usual regattas held in South Africa – this chance taught me a lot,” said Keytel. “Firstly that generally in the Laser fleet the sailors lean more towards the heavier weight side due to ita being a physical boat. “The sailing was the most drastic change simply owing to the size in fleet numbers and the high level of competition across the fleet. “The competition in the fleet was intense but fun, I enjoyed being pushed by everybody around me. “The best thing about the event for me was the fair sailing I was able to participate in on my course among my competitors. Everyone sailed fairly and they were never looking to cheat and this was the best thing about Youth Worlds for me.

Sarah Jane Deary
Sailing Sarah Jane Deary