The Service Pillar has had a successful and busy term.

Learner Head of Service, Jenna-Morgan Mouton shares the successes of her pillar.

The Service Pillar has done our bit to help out our community as best as possible this term. Our Easter egg and reusable mask drives allowed the competitive side of the houses to blossom. This was a great way to build house spirit, but also collect an astonishing 5337 eggs. The reusable masks collected in the mask drive have gone to three different shelters, as well as to our counseling department, and will be distributed to the broader community. Recently, we launched an emergency drive in aid of our firefighters, to which we had a great response. The four Wynberg schools held civvies days to raise funds to create a recreation space for the staff of Victoria Hostipal. The Interact society hosted an interesting and fun polio quiz with amazing prizes.

We were very excited to reopen the tuckshop virtually for the first time in over a year. We are very excited to reopen the library and computer rooms next term, and to announce some exciting new projects.

Easter eggs donations went to the following organisations:

  • Heaven’s Nest Childcare Centre
  • St Michael’s Home for Girls
  • St George’s Home for Girls
  • Where Rainbows Meet
  • Akeso Kenilworth Clinic
  • Murambi House
  • Haven Night Shelter- Wynberg
  • Haven Night Shelter- Lansdowne
  • Pride Shelter
  • Restoring Hope
  • Maitland Cottage
  • Woodside
  • Crescent Clinic
  • HUG

Easter eggs also went to the WGHS Support Staff.