Joran Abrahamse, Head of Silverlea House, reflects on the achievements of her house this term.

'What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year" - Vern McLellan

Starting the new year with a bang, we received all of our new Grade 8s. They all proved to be full of spirit on the day of orientation, passionately shouting for our house led by the Silverlea leaders (parading around as Purple Fairies). As they moved more formally into the house, they settled into a rhythm quickly and with the help of their Tutor Groups learnt their way around. The Grade 8s have now become have real assets to our house and a firm part of our Silverlea family. As leaders we are so excited to see them grow and develop their house passion.

Also as the year began we tried to introduce some new initiatives to the house. One of these were inter-tutor group challenges between the four Tutor Groups (YM, TS, ST and JN). The first took place in a House assembly: this was a General Knowledge quiz. It saw extreme competition and spirit amongst the tutors groups fighting to win. In the next assembly we issued the challenge for each tutor group to come up with their own unique War Cry by the next assembly. Once again each group of girls put their all into it to fight for the win. The cheers were unique and a wonderful display of House Spirit, with YM winning at the end of the day.

Continuing with previous initiatives, the girls put lots of effort into donating and bringing Jam and Bread for spreading sandwiches in the Sandwich Drive for Capricorn Primary. This has a special place in our hearts and we plan to improve our contribution to this in Term 2. Another Service Pillar drive this term was a Sanitary Pad drive. The House made a very large effort to bring in pads and tampons to help girls in an underprivileged community to get these absolutely essential items.

We faced two jajor house challenges this term the first being the “Silverlea and Constantia- Dancing through Time” Challenge which we were tasked with organising. This challenge brought much House spirit to the school. Although we did not win, the Silvelea girls brought their all. When the second challenge by Wellesley and Apsley came around, we were even more determined to up our game and fight for a place on the podium. The second challenge was a “Lip Sync Battle”, the Silverlea participants gave up many breaks to practice for the event. When the day of the challenge arrived, they performed an amazing version of “Do you want to build a Snowman” from the Disney animation Frozen. This earned them 3rd place behind Wellesley and Waterloo, and we were very proud!

As Leaders looking towards Term 2, we will be assessing the successes and identify things to better in our house. We will also be working together to with the girls transform and better our House in order to become a top house, which is a family and truly displays Wynberg spirit.

A few comments from the Silvelea Girls:
Silverlea has been working hard constantly throughout the term in terms of spreading and house challenges and also coming together as a family - Maya Du Plessie Grade 11 JN

Silverlea has been very creative this term and there's been a lot of opportunities for us to get to know our peers that are in the same house and that's been good, I really liked that. - Lisakhanya Macanda Grade 9 YM

Silverlea has been very welcoming and I can see that they support with lots of spirit and I can see that I shall fit in.- Gabriella Willemse Grade 8 TS

The first term for me was confusing but I had a House and Tutor group I felt welcomed. If i needed i could just go to my House or Tutor to ask them and they would assist me. Overall being in Silverlea is fun and includes fun house assemblies and challenges that we can participate in together.- Salma Khan Grade 8 ST

Abrahamse Jordan