Christan Gonsalves reports on some of the highlights of the term in Silverlea

2020 began with a bang for Silverlea, as we welcomed our fabulous Grade 8s into the Silverlea family. On the 14 January in the "sorting ceremony" they discovered which house they would belong to as purple powder rained down on them. Many were happy to discover that they were in the purple house, and especially so after they placed 2nd for the Grade 8 spirit competition. They were very energetic and all gave great input preparing for our new Silverlea cheer. We then sent them on a hunt to find their new tutor groups, where the matric leaders welcomed them and played a few games to get to know them. We enjoyed getting to know them, and we gather that they enjoyed it too!

We introduced a new system at the start of the year called the Silverlea Grade Reps. This system replicates the RCL system in our school. Each grade nominated 2 people to represent them.These learners are the voices of their grade, as well as the people the rest of the learners in their grade can speak to if they have any suggestions or queries and perhaps don't feel comfortable speaking to the leaders about. In this way we are giving the learners of our house an opportunity to voice their opinions concerning our house. Thus far, the system has been working extremely well for our house. On the 25 February,we had our joint house challenge with Copenhagen. 4 learners of each house participated in a tiktok-, music- and celebrity knowledge challenge. In each round houses were eliminated until there were only two houses left. In the end Silverlea won, a moment we are truly proud of.

Service to the broader community is extremely important to Silverlea. At the end of Term 3 last year, we introduced Silverlea Service. Silverlea Service is held every Tuesday and Wednesday for an hour after school. Many of our service projects included making educational posters or flashcards for children's homes or sometimes even biscuit-making.

With these changes opportunities, involvement and house spirit have increased. And with all this tutors and grades within our house began to become more involved and interactive with one another evidently creating strong and spirited bonds within our house that we are so proud to have. We can't wait to see what comes out of Silverlea as the year continues to unfold and we as leaders are hoping that with this only a great beginning to an even greater end.

Silverlea - Term 1