The Small Change Big Difference Challenge culminated at the end of last term. However that was really just the beginning.

The big job lay in counting all the money so that it could be banked. This took place over the school holidays with a couple of staff members who volunteered to count the coins. Little did they realise the magnitude of this particular task. After hours of separating coins and even more hours of counting the coins, as well as frequenting local banks to obtain even more bank bags, the counting is finally complete.

The money has been banked and we are proud to say, that Your small change, really did make a big difference. This year we have raised R18 926,72 which is an increase on last year's R15 000.

As this was a house challenge - it would be remiss not to mention the top three houses.

First Kirsten with R 3 093,11
Second Waterloo with R 3 065,59
Third Silverlea with R2 999,46

Thank you, and start collecting your coins for next year!