Every bit counts: no matter how small.

At the end of term 3, Matric leader of tutor group YM, Helena Veysey saw a plea from the Animal Anti-Cruelty League of Cape Town that they were in desperate need of cat food. She let her tutor group know, and from the word go they started to collect cat food wherever and whenever they could. In the end Animal Anti-Cruelty League received around 24 sachets of cat food.

Today, on the 14 of October, Helena delivered the food to the most needy branch of the Animal Anti-Cruelty league. She was richly rewarded by their appreciation, when she said that she was there to make a donation, and was taken on a tour of the welfare organisation. She also got to see some of the cats that would be receiving the food they had collected.

Cat Food Donation2
Cat Food Donation1
Cat Food Donation