In honour of Youth Day, the SJ Forum is spreading awareness about a variety of social justice issues.

The Social Justice Forum has launched a campaign for the month of June in honour of Youth Day. Each week is dedicated to a specific social justice issue: The Israeli Palestinian Crisis, Gender-Based Violence, Xenophobia, and Environmentalism.

Each Thursday during tutor group an informative video is played introducing the topic. Throughout the week the Forum collaborates with other societies such as Current Affairs and Model UN to hold sessions focused on educating learners about these issues, as well as how to create possible solutions. At the end of each week, a google form is sent out, about the learners' experience during the week and what they feel Wynberg can do to make our school a safer and more inclusive place. The campaign aims to inform learners about a variety of issues and enables learners to become better global citizens.

Report written by: Tara Roos (Grade 11)