We congratulate our Wynberg sportswomen who received special awards at the 2019 Grade 8-11 Prize Giving Ceremonies.

Johnson Trophy: Best Junior Track Athlete ~ Erin Lotter
Johnson Trophy: Best Junior Field Athlete ~ Robyn Rorich
Zandberg Trophy: Most Improved Junior Netball Player ~ Chido Mukondiwa
Trophy: Best Junior Netball Player ~ Shantel Ponda
Trophy: The best U16 Netball Player ~ Chido Mukondiwa
Trophy: Best Grade 8 Hockey Player ~ Aalia Domingo
1989 Auxiliaries Cup: The Best U16 Hockey Player ~ Aakifah Abrahams
1961 Matric Junior Copenhagen Trophy: Sportsmanship - Grades 8 & 9 ~ Shakeelah Williams
Main Trophy The Best All-Rounder in Grade 9 ~ Yasmin Adams

Wynberg Cup ~ Synchronised Swimming - Sarah Williams
McCue Floating Trophy for Most Improved Indoor Hockey Player ~ Amaal Ceres
Best U16 Netball Player - Michaela Edwards
Flint-Cresswell Trophy: Best Open Netball Player - Jordan Louis
Constantia Trophy: Most improved Hockey Player - Amaal Ceres
Hester Baartman Trophy: Most Outstanding Hockey Player ~ Grace Cochrane
Gray Trophy Excellence in Cross Country (Gr 8-11) ~ Beth Good
Illse Davids Trophy: Most Outstanding Sportswoman - Sarah Williams

Erin Lotter Best Junior Track Athlete
Robyn Rorich Best Junior Field Athlete
Chido Mukondiwa Most Improved Junior Netball Player
Aalia Domingo Best Grade 8 Hockey Player
Aakifah Abrahams Best U16 Hockey Player
Shakeelah Williams Sportsmanship
Yasmin Adams Best All Rounder Grade 9
Sarah Williams Synchronised Swimming
Amaal Ceres Most Improved Indoor Hockey Player
Michaela Edwards Best U16 Netball Player1
Jordan Louis Best Open Netball Player
Amaal Ceres Most Improved Hockey Player
Grace Cochrane Most Outstanding Hockey Player
Beth Goode - Excellence in Cross Country
Sarah Williams Most Ourtstanding Sportswoman