1st Team Match vs Rustenburg

On Friday the 8th June, Wynberg Girls first team played against Rustenburg at the Kelvin Grove courts. Everyone played extremely well, putting up a good fight.

Nanzi Bika, a player from the second team, played number 4.  She faced a great opponent but unfortunately lost 3-0.

Carly Katzef (3) played an old rival.  The matches were extremely close and once again it was an epic battle.  Rustenburg went into a 1-2 lead but Carly fought back to 2-2.  The final game was very well contested with Carly unfortunately losing in the end. 

Demi Steenkamp (2) played a very close match.  She faced a girl who is in the u19 WP team, while Demi is in the u14 WP team.  Demi started out slowly only waking up at 2-0 down.  She fought to bring the games level at 2-2.  The final game was a cracker, with both girls giving it their all.  Unfortunately Demi lost 11-13 in the 5th.

Our number 1, Lizl Everts, played against Courtney Brown, unfortunately losing 3-1.

All in all, the girls played well, and enjoyed the afternooon.

Second Team Match vs Bergvliet

The Second Team squash girls were once again on the 8th of June, faced with a match against Bergvliet. The score was the same as in round one of the league fixtures, where Wynberg lost only one match, however the team was slightly different. On Friday, the Wynberg 2nd team was made up of:  Jamie Jacobs, Alex Steyn, Robynne Samuels and Jess Mesham.

The first two matches played were by numbers 2 and 4, Alex Steyn and Jess Mesham respectively. These girls both had an excellent match, both winning three consecutive games to love. Alex won two of her games very convincingly with a score of 11-2, which made up her first and third games. Her second game however had a smaller margin of only 5 points allowing her to win that game. Her determination and use of excellent shots and skill enabled her to win so well.

Jess Mesham played her match at the same time however her scores were quite close, which could be used as evidence to show the intensity of her games. She won her first game by a margin of 2 points clear of her opponent resulting in an 11-9 victory.  She won her second game more convicingly 11-6, and her last game was also close with a win of 11-8.  Although the results were closer than in Alex’s match, Jess still prevailed as the winner of her match.

There was an obvious winning spirit amongst the girls, and with two matches remaining, the pressure was mounting on Jamie Jacobs and Robynne Samuels to win as well. These matches did not occur simultaneously however, Robynne Samuels, as number 3, played her match first. The first game was extremely close having Robynne and her opponent so evenly matched that they played to 13 instead of the usual 11. The result of the first game was, however, in favour of Bergvliet,11-13. The second game was also in favour of Bergvliet as Robynne lost 8-11. The third game was the turning point for Robynne, as she absorbed the pressure and pulled off a narrow win.  This gave her hope to turn the entire game around in her favour. The final score of the third game being 11-9; the fourth game returned in her opponent’s favour again though, the final victory game ending in 11-5. So despite Robynne’s determination to turn the entire match around, she unfortunately could not pull off the win.

The last and final match was played by Jamie Jacobs as number 1 for the 2nd team. The pressure was again on to win, especially as she had beaten this same opponent once before. The first game was very close and intense resulting in an 11-13 win by Bergvliet; the girls were very evenly matched in their abilities and use of skill. The second game was a turning point in this match, which showed how much Jamie wanted to fight back and win the match. The second game ended 11-4 in Jamie’s favour. Jamie’s confidence returned in the 2nd game and the Wynberg spectators could sense the impending victory.  The third and fourth games were exceptionally close and intense, with both games finishing 11-9.  With extreme determination, focus and stamina Jamie managed to win these games. 

The overall result was 3-1 to Wynberg.

Congratulations to the 2nd team who played with their heads in the game and made Wynberg extremely proud in their last match of the term. With another victory under their belt, we wish the Wynberg 2nd Squash Team the best of luck for next term as to uphold the school’s great name. Thanks to everyone who has sacrificed their time every Friday afternoon despite the stress of the gruelling exams and the rainy and cold weather.