The Hostel is never short of a good surprise and party, especially when it comes to our House Mom, Sis Flo.

This past weekend the boarders roped in a couple of Hostel staff to create a surprise birthday party for Sis Flo on Saturday.

We all hid behind the furniture as we sent out our best actor, Ivanka, to convince Sis Flo to come to the common room for a frivolous reason. Ivanka and Sis Flo finally arrived, and the rest of the party jumped out, screaming "Surprise", while they played 80's music in the background - classic Madonna, Tiffany and Ace of Base!

The boarders got super-creative by decorating the biggest chalk board in the Hostel, laying blankets down, baking and even coming up with our own version of Jenga.

They spent the afternoon bonding and sharing their best stories about Sis Flo. It's weekends like this that really make the hostel feel like a family!

Hostel - surprise birthday for Flo