Through some friendly competition, the Sustainability Bingo house challenge encouraged learners and teachers to engage in sustainable practices.

The Sustainability Bingo house challenge was launched at the beginning of Term 2. Through this challenge the Sustainability Portfolio aimed to create awareness, build habits and inspire change when it comes to sustainability within the lives of learners. Each bingo card had 25 squares, and each square contained a sustainable practice that was to be completed by three learners in a tutor group before being marked off. Each tutor group was given one bingo card to complete and learners had to submit photographs of themselves engaging in the sustainable practices. Unlike regular bingo, the entire card had to be filled before “bingo” was called, and not just one row. This challenge was a difficult one to compete, so it was a pleasant surprise when our first tutor group, VM in Marula, completed their card so quickly. The first house to compete the challenge was Amaqua, with all four tutor groups completing the full bingo card. As Amaqua won this challenge, the plant which Amaqua house is named after will be planted first. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this house challenge, and congratulations to our winners!

Report written by: Emily Taberner

Tutor Vm 2
Ks 2
Lb 2
Ns 2
Ama 2
Ama 2 2
Ama 3 3
Ama 4 2
Ama 5 2
Vm 1
Vm 2