Last term, two grade 11 learners, Tahirah Ebrahiem and Layla Poole formed the Nitty Gritty Committee, a group of learners with the goal of attending to the finer details in the classrooms and around the school.

After sending out a form to the staff to find out where their assistance was needed and drawing up a detailed working schedule, Tahirah and Layla spent many of their afternoons over the last few weeks of term redecorating classrooms by hanging posters, artwork and arranging science models, repacking files in cabinets and shelves, and just generally organising any of the smaller items around the classrooms.

Their above-mentioned efforts contributed tremendously in the preparation of the school for the filming of our Virtual Tour.

Although they have not yet opened up the committee to other learners to join, after a few weeks of testing their abilities, they look forward to expanding their team and tackling more projects towards the end of the term.

Thank you, Layla and Tahirah, for your hard work, it contributed immensely in making our school look beautiful, and we hope to see the Nitty Gritty Committee grow in time!