There was much to learn from very strong opposition in our matches against Herschel this week. However, equally, there was much to admire about Wynberg's tenacity and courage!

Our team started off the game a bit tired from playing the previous match, but managed to pick themselves up and fight strong and hard. We had good possession of the ball, but Hershel managed to intercept and score a good couple of goals. We weren't too happy about this, but continued playing with determination. Regrettably, the centre back of that match (Mia Viglino) was injured, during a short corner, but, despite this setback, we continued with fortitude. Despite the loss, there was considerable pride in our attitude and spirit throughout the match.

This game was the first match for the U14’s which despite our losing it, revealed much about our tenacity. A defensive game, we fought and fought to prevent Hershel from scoring goals: unfortunately they managed to score 1. Our perseverance and determination were admirable, and we were deeply conscious of the opportunities to score which we failed to realise. The final score of the match was 1-0 to Hershel. While we lost the game, our supporters made us feel like winners.

On Friday 8 June, Wynberg’s U16A team played against Herschel’s U16A team. There was little doubt that we were outplayed by Herschel, with the final score being 4-0. However our team fought till the very end and implemented all lessons learnt this far. Alyssa Isaacs and Aakifah Abrahams were our players of the match for their persistence, their strategic interventions and inspiring attitudes. We are excited to redeem ourselves and make a great comeback this Saturday.

2nd Team
This evening we played Herschel, and it was a really tough match. We lost 11-0 and ended the game extremely disappointed. Having said this, with only one substitute, the girls' fighting spirit was admirable. Our player of the match was Zeta Gertsen, who made many opportunities to get the ball up the field, and used all of her strength to keep the ball out of our D. Always, there will be better players in the world than we might be... we can learn from this.

1st Team
On Friday night, the 8 June the first team girls took on the team at the top of the log - Herschel. The girls brought excitement and energy onto the field and remained positive throughout. Unfortunately the score did not go in their favour but the short corner team, along with Player of the match, goalkeeper, Grace Cochrane made amazing saves throughout the game. Wynberg has few chances but could not capitalize in the end. Final score was 9-0. The girls will look at positives and carry these to the next game.