The Annual Interhouse Singing Competition took place on Thursday 25 June.

What an incredible experience it was. Although there had been much stress as the houses prepared for the competition, from the perspective of the staff, it was wonderful. Prior to the event, when wandering around the school at breaks, the staff on duty found grounds that were empty, and wonderful singing could be heard in various hidden recesses of the school.

On the day itself, there was much excitement from all of the houses as they prepared to reveal the results of all of their rehearsing. This year, what was markedly different, was the fabulous support the school gave to each of the houses as they moved onto the choir stands and stage and the energy and joy evident in all of the performers. This year, our surprise guest performance was from our Hostel girls, and although they weren't part of the competition, were without doubt the best choir on the day!

Once again the event was adjudicated by Mrs van Bergen and Keenan Oliphant. They judged the performances of the choirs and the vocal ensembles.

In the Choir category Kirsten and Constantia were placed first, Copenhagen second and Cavanagh third.

In the Vocal Ensemble section, Cavanagh was placed first, Waterloo second and Silverlea third.

After tallying all of the combined points Cavanagh emerged the victors followed by Constantia and Kirsten.

Huge congratulations to everybody who participated in this event. It certainly was an inspiring way in which to end the term.

Interhouse Singing 2015