The writers of the Romantic Movement did not go far wrong when they pointed to the restorative power of nature and the power of the imagination.

There's an abundance of opportunity to experience this in Cape Town, and we suggest that a little meditation through nature is a glorious antidote to the stresses of the 21st Century, as we think about ways of taking care of ourselves. Megan Speedy talks us through some of her thoughts about how this helps.

Meditation is the practice during which an individual relaxes the body and mind. We often meditate to prevent ourselves from becoming stressed, to improve mindfulness and to have clear thinking and positive energy.

Rooted reflection at this point in the term, when we're at full stretch, is a powerful antidote to stress, feeling overwhelmed and the experience of being all over the place .

Meditation through nature trains the brain to focus on our senses: sight, touch, smell and hearing, thus, focusing on the awareness and experience of nature, as well as our own bodies. Doing this, we are creating positive space and draining all the negative thoughts out of the body.

Meditation through nature allows us to absorb the beautiful world we live in, gives us a sense of happiness, increases a sense of well being and reduces sleep disturbances.

Remember, taking advantage of living near a green space, reduces the likelihood of your being stressed and depressed. Therefore meditation through nature really will help benefit our mental health and help build ourselves.

Megan Speedy

Newlands Forest 1
Megan Speedy