It is not every day that you receive a gift from a complete stranger....But we could be the strangers to make that happen.

On Wednesday the 20th of September, Tutor Group YM gathered early before roll call to decorate biscuits for Heritage Day. Soon after school, we gathered together again and, with Ms Marais, took them to the South African Police Garage and the support staff of WGHS. We wanted to take a short moment of our day to thank these people for all the things they do for us and the community in the building and support of the varied, democratic South Africa we know today. If Heritage Day is a day on which we are encouraged to acknowledge the selfless efforts and talents which are dedicated to making our country a safer, more pleasant space to live in, this was an opportunity we embraced.

Heritage  Day  Biscuits2
Heritage  Day  Biscuits1
Heritage  Day Biscuits