When the odds are against you, the spirit of your teams shine through. And Wynberg's spirit of courage and tenacity won the day!

The game began with a fast pace that took the coach and manager by surprise, but theI girls took on the challenge and took on the DF Malan girls with great gusto. The girls pulled ahead in the first half with a score of 2-1. After playing their hearts out, the final whistle blew with a score of 3-4. Even with the lack of fresh legs the girls fought tirelessly and filled the gaps for one another. Congratulations to Wren September who scored the first goal of the season for the team, which was followed by two goals by Tanner Munro. Once again the girls are to be congratulated on their spirit and sportsmanship.

Even though the girls lost the game 1-0, they still gave it their all and fought till the very last second of the game. It was good to see that the girls went on the field with good spirit and determination. Their attacking and defensive skills have definitely improved, and they kept good possession of the ball throughout the the game. Overall we commend all those who played in that match.

On Saturday the 12th of May, the beginners played their first game for Wynberg Girls’ High Hockey.  They were optimistic right from the start, which payed off when their first goal was scored by Zara Ackerman. They held good spirit and skill throughout the match. All the hard work and effort that went into practices really helped the players individually, and this was the first time they played together as a team. They finished off the game with the score of 1-0. Well done to those girls on their first win.

- U16B team vs DF Malan
- goal scored by : Corina Austin and final touch by Caylin O kelly 
- score : 1-0 to Wynberg

The second game of the season was a difficult one. We fought hard and in the end reached our goal. We struggled to put pressure on our opponents and to communicate effectively with each other. This gives us a very clear focus in our practices as we prepare for other matches. This being said, our team gets an A for effort!

The U16 C team played against a strong DF Malan team. For the most part of the game, no goals were scored and the teams were neck and neck. Unfortunately, in the final 7 minutes of the game, DF Malan broke through and scored to
end the game one goal to none in their favour.

On Saturday the 12 of May our first team took on DF Malan. We played a good game, and the improvement from previous weeks was clearly visible as our team applied the technical skills learnt in our practices. Unfortunately, DF Malan scored two goals, one in the first half and one in the second. The first team girls fought right till the end, but the score did not change. Gracious in defeat, our team brings determination and learning as we take on the next one. Player of the match was awarded to Maree Petersen.

Because last week's match was cancelled, our first match this week was against DF Malan. It was the first match that we have played together as a second team. Perseverance and determination defined us. Although we were losing 1 - 0 by half time, we walked back into the field determined to concede as little as possible to this strong side. They too had the same game plan, and scored another goal. Despite the score, this was not a walk in the park for our opponents!

It was a very tough match against DFM as they are a very strong side but our girls played extremely well. Despite the score being 8-0 our team could not be faulted for effort, their defensive game and for real courage. DF Malan  undoubtedly were the stronger side, but we will learn from this, and take the mistakes we made and learn from them to help us improve for our next match. As captain of the team, I was marvelled at how well we coped and know that we only improve from here.
Emily Jack

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