On Monday 5 September, five Grade 11 Life Sciences learners attended the Human Genetics Open Day at UCT. We were all very excited about hearing more about genetics and possible related careers, as well as spending a day learning outside the classroom. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by five WGHS past pupils, all busy completing their Honours, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Human Genetics – we were so proud!

We spent the day moving between different stations, where we performed diagnostic hands-on tests for colon cancer in the labs, completed an exercise on genetic counselling and were put through a criminal forensic investigation, where we were all possible suspects! We also went to lectures on cytogenetics, pharmacogenetics and genetic diseases. Finally, we listened to a lecture on the UCT applications process and course options.

We all had a fantastic day and learnt a lot - and ate a lot too! Thanks to Mrs Smith for organising this great opportunity and for accompanying us.

Uct  Genetics  Open  Day
Uct  Genetics  Open  Day 2
Uct  Genetics  Open  Day 1