The University of Cape Town’s maths competition took place on Monday, 16th April. As usual, thousands of scholars attended, representing over 250 schools, which created a wonderful opportunity for meeting new people and seeing friends. It also marketed UCT by allowing all of us to be a part of the campus for one evening - and we certainly did enjoy their views of Cape Town, their beautiful buildings, tuckshops and other facilities.

Being involved in the pair competition is always fun, yet challenging. With limited time, difficult questions and without allowing the use of a calculator, a composed and determined attitude has to be shared amongst partners in order to work through all 30 questions, some of which would remain unanswered. Many different skills learnt in our own Maths classes were required, and quickly the partners would learn which sort of questions suited which mathematical brain.  All the girls were extremely challenged by the problem sums, but should be proud of participating. We hope to see more Wynberg girls’ faces at the competition next year

Anna Jacobs NN

Uct 2
Uct Maths Competition