A #WynbergMedia article, with thanks to Mrs Krystle Kustanovich and Alternative Media on the Wynberg Girls' and Boys' High 2018 Major Production

From a land far, far away, comes a story almost as old as time itself, brought to the stage by the talented thespians of Wynberg Boys' & Girls' High Schools. We call all ogres, donkeys, princesses, kings and queens, dragons, and gingerbread people to join us for a magical musical performance!

Deep in the winter sports season, as the city reclaims its title as the Cape of Storms, Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools are creating a storm of their own: Shrek, The Musical!

A story to resonate with young and old alike set to a foot-tapping musical mix of genres from pop and rock to classics and rap, with professional costumes sourced from the Kingdom of Kwazulu-Natal, this raucous, high energy collaboration between the men and women of Wynberg promises to be one that, in the words of Krystle Kustanovich, "will leave you emotionally charged, an amazing unforgettable tale!"

Mrs Kustanovich, the show's Musical Director, enthuses: “the most amazing parts of this process have been how easily identifiable the characters are to the performers, the incredible support between the cast members, and their sheer enthusiasm throughout rehearsals”.

Shrek, The Musical is based on the first movie of the Dreamworks® trilogy but describes the characters in greater detail. It’s a comedy-musical with a live band, actors, singers, dancers, and crew all drawn from the scholars of Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools. It starts with Shrek as a baby, Donkey providing the laughs (as always), and Lord Farquaad scheming his way to the throne until Princess Fiona takes her true form ... it's intriguing, funny, and very, very magical.

Rehearsals for this 'not your run of the mill' musical began in March 2018, and in the Director's words “the best part of the musical are the innuendos that will appeal to a mature audience, while carrying the essential message of self-acceptance and personal development, not allowing anyone to dictate to you who you should be. It’s about self-love and self-discovery”. Mrs Kustanovich continues, "we wanted to produce a show that was bright, exciting, and fun, but with relevance and substance to the storyline. Shrek, The Musical was the immediate choice."

This 2hr 10min musical in two acts is set to deliver on all its promises - and to be the highlight of Wynberg’s Cultural year!

The production will be held at Wynberg Boys’ High School’s Clegg Hall, and will run on 28, 29 and 31 July and 2, 4 and 5 August 2018.

Tickets are on sale at R110.00 per adult and R70.00 per student from WebTickets.co.za

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A #WynbergMedia article, with thanks to Mrs Krystle Kustanovich and Alternative Media