Kelly Blake, President of our Interact Society, has been investigating ways in which the organisation can continue to work, or reinvent themselves...

Kelly reports:

I was actively searching for ways to keep busy with Interact during lockdown and I happened to come across a platform called “Rotary Interactive Quarantine”. It was a platform started by a 17-year-old exchange student from Venezuela, who was staying in the USA. Her hope was to connect interact clubs around the world during these unprecedented times, through the means of social media, WhatsApp group chats and biweekly zoom meetings where various speakers covered topics such as leadership during a crisis and mental health during quarantine. Clubs were also invited to share the various projects they were engaged with during quarantine. The project began in March, and has grown tremendously since, with over 400 members and 70 different clubs from all over the world.

I was invited to be a part of the committee that had the task of planning a conference. After many meetings and much excitement, we organised an amazing lineup of speakers. Most notably, Rotary International President, Mark Daniel Moloney and Rotary International President Elect, Holger Knaack were amongst these inspiring speakers. Holger spoke to us about how important the youth is in changing the world. One of the fantastic opportunities that being part of the committee offered was being able to suggest a South African speaker from our very own Wynberg area! Shaun Oberholzer, President of Wynberg Rotaract gave a presentation on the basics of Rotary.

The conference was huge success and I felt incredibly honoured to be a part of the committee that organised it. I have since become a part of the platform’s leadership team and we are currently meeting weekly to discuss projects and the further of this platform!

Heartfelt congratulations to you, Kelly - on your initiative, your commitment to working for the good of others, and your flexibility & adaptability. We are tremendously proud of you.

Kelly Blake
Interact International Conference