Courtney Jacobs, Head of Waterloo House, reports on the achievements of Waterloo this term.

A pool party for our Grade 8's hosted by the school council and matric leaders from each house marked the start of the year. When our Grade 8's first arrived on campus, many looked scared and overwhelmed, but as the day progressed they felt more and more comfortable with both their leaders and also amongst themselves. After the fun of the pool party had passed, the Grade 8s spent the first three days of term in an orientation programme which taught them about the rules and some of the fun things at Wynberg. .

We were able to gain sponsors for bread and spread for sandwiches and had a consistent group of girls attending each Thursday morning. The support for both their Waterloo girls as well as for their other Wynberg sisters encouraged girls to attend more events in different spheres of our school, specifically in the cultural and sports pillars. Many girls were committed to watching Water Polo and DanceSport every Friday after school and particularly enjoyed Band Slam which was held at the V&A Waterfront on the 8 March.

There were many challenges held throughout the term by other houses and pillars with Waterloo house coming in the top four for most of them. Challenges which really stood out was the tampon and pad drive held by the service pillar and the lip sync challenge held by houses Wellesley and Apsley. In both, Waterloo came first. The girls’ efforts and hard work really paid off for these two challenges.

We congratulate the many girls who did well academically this term. They all worked so hard with many of them coming in the top 50 of their grade. We also commend all of our girls who participated in activities in the cultural, sports and service pillars. Finally, well done to all of our Waterloo girls for merely making it through this term, especially the Grade 8s as this was the first term of their high school career.

Courtney Jacobs