It was a dark, cold, misty and mysterious Saturday night within the walls of the Hostel! The border mistresses on duty treated the borders to a night of fun and mystery ...

A crime, a heinous crime was committed, so heinous that one could not even mention the details. All the detectives of the WH Secret Detective Society, including Lieutenants Nicol, Cull and Jukuda knew they had only 1 hour to solve the puzzles, tie up loose ends and figure out where the valuables were before they were smuggled out the country, never to be seen again. With 2 minutes on the clock, the WH Secret Detective Society gave up and ate all the sour sweets in the evidence bags.

But it wasn't all terrible! Lessons were learned like phone calculators are your best friend, and what the WH Secret Detective Society experienced that night will forever change their lives. For now, the society is disbanded...until the next mystery needs solving.

Mystery Night