Mental and physical energy put to the test in Waterloo's South African General Knowledge challenge!

On Friday 9 March, you might have heard some interesting music coming from the slopes in the Honours Quad during break. Eight different colours rushed up and down the slopes as houses competed to reveal their knowledge of South Africa in ‘The South African Quiz’ organised by Waterloo House.

The questions, set by Mr Burrell, were on a variety of topics such as sport, politics, music, languages, food, nature, history, geography and the Western Cape. Four girls per house (one from each tutor group) put their South African general knowledge to the test. Each house sent one girl down to fetch a question from the Quiz Table at the bottom of the slopes. Lively South African music was broadcast from the centre of the Honours Quad, while the teams answered each question correctly in the challenge. After discussing an answer with their group, they wrote it on the back of the page and returned to the quizzers to have it marked and then received the next question.

Kirsten was the first team to answer all 10 questions correctly and were declared the winner of the challenge.Waterloo’s South African General Knowledge provided a new spin on General Knowledge Quizzes and provided much entertainment, exercise and fun for those involved.

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