Our outdoor hockey teams report on the results of their matches against Rustenburg Girls' High School on Saturday 15 May.


We played our best but, unfortunately, we lost 5-0. I could see that we were all tired, but we pushed through and continued to play our best. We did not play in the best weather conditions because we had heavy rainfall and wind. Rustenburg Girls’ High School is tough competition and definitely challenged us. Our goalie, Isabella Smuts, played well and stopped some of Rustenburg’s attempts to score. We showed good sportsmanship on and off the field. NAME OF REPORTER: A'aliya Grever


Even though the weather wasn’t great, we put forward our best effort to try and win the game. During the first quarter of the game, despite the tremendous effort from our defenders, Zayaan Ajeraan and Keziah Jonas, Rustenburg scored one goal. In the second quarter, they scored another goal, but the team remained positive. In the third quarter, they pushed through our defence and scored another two goals. In the last quarter, we played our best, and tried to keep the ball away from our goals. One of our links, Taybah Shira, scored our first goal of the game with less than 8 minutes of the game remaining. NAME OF REPORTER: Keira Hochfelden


This hockey match was one from which we can definitely learn. In the first chukka, we played well with great spirit and cheer. For the majority of the chukka, we managed to defend and attack well. The second chukka we managed to do the same and were able to defend our goals. Unfortunately, in the third and fourth chukkas, Rustenburg managed to score goals, resulting in a 0-2 loss. Overall, this match was a learning experience. NAME OF REPORTER: Angelique Lubbe


The game was very challenging for the team because of the harsh weather conditions, but the players still tried their best. Because of the rain, many players on both sides were sliding and falling which disrupted the focus of the teams. In the end, Rustenburg proved to be the better team. A big thank you to our amazing goalkeeper, Catherine Simons, who saved many goals, as well as all the players who tried their best on the field, and to all the staff on duty at the match. NAME OF REPORTER: Rumaanah Surtee


The learners persevered until the end of the match despite terrible weather conditions. The player of the match is Ciara Williams, for her exceptional defence and always putting her body on the line and giving her all throughout the game. Although the result was not in our favour, it is 0-2 to Rustenburg, we can still be proud of our team for playing with Wynberg pride and representing our school on the hockey field. NAME OF REPORTER: Yusrah Khan


The team played with heart and executed their coaches' demands perfectly. Jemma Arendse scored a goal that put the team into a 1-0 lead by the end of the second quarter. As the third quarter began, the weather conditions worsened, but that didn’t stop the players from playing with enthusiasm. Gadeeja Samaai, the captain, did a great job motivating the team. Rustenburg scored in the last few minutes of the game, which resulted in a 1-1 draw. NAME OF REPORTER: Jessica Forbay

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