Our outdoor hockey teams report on the results of their matches against Springfield Convent on Saturday 8 May.


Saturday’s match against Springfield was a tough game. Even though Wynberg lost 5-0 to Springfield, we still put up quite a fight. Our goalkeeper, Chloe Chesterton, made some amazing saves during the game. It was our first match for Wynberg Girls’ High and it has definitely inspired us to do better in our next game. Report written by: Amber Paterson


The team did not know what to expect as it was our first league game, but everyone played exceptionally well and worked well together as a team. We had a slow beginning to the game, but the girls eased up and played with passion. Our defense held together and we ended a particularly competitive game with a 2-2 draw; the two WGHS goals were scored by Cami Bayvel. Well done to Kayla Fortune, person of the match for her amazing midfield work. We remain positive and we will continue to grow in our upcoming games. Report written by: Saarah Saalie and Keziah Jonas


On Saturday 08 May, the U16A Hockey team played their first match of the season. We drew 0-0 against Springfield.

Quite a few of us were rather nervous at the beginning of the game, but we were all very excited to play. Hardly any of us had played together before and we struggled to connect with one another, but we put our best effort forward, and in turn, there were many opportunities to score. Well done to our goalkeeper, Hannah Hanekom, who didn't let the ball into the goals once. Near the end of the match, Springfield almost scored but our defenders stayed strong and did not allow Springfield to win.

We are all dedicated and determined players, and once we “gel” together as a team we shall have many more opportunities to win. There is much to work on, such as our communication and structure, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the match. We are very excited and ready to see what this season holds in store for us. Report written by: Gabriella Willemse


Unfortunately, we lost 4-0 to Springfield. The results were not as we expected but we did not go down without a fight; because of Catherine Simons’ great goalkeeping skills we were able to keep a few more balls out the goals. Although it was our first game as a team, we played well together and everyone on the team had lots of fun. We experienced great sportsmanship from the opposition and their coaches. There is a lot more we have to learn as a team but it was still a great first game together. Report written by: Jamie-Lee Valensky


In our first league game of the season we managed to play a strong game of hockey, keeping the score 0-0 until the 3rd chukka when Springfield then scored 2 goals. Ultimately, resulting in a loss for Wynberg but it was a good game to learn our strengths and weaknesses. Although many were disappointed by the outcome, we all look forward to progressing as a team and representing Wynberg Girls’ as the first hockey team. Report written by: Kira Lauts


The team should be extremely proud of themselves for playing as a strongly connected team with a positive attitude throughout the game. Although the game didn’t end in complete victory with the outcome being a loss of 1-0, the team put the basics, such as the press which they had been practicing, to work and it is clear that perfecting this will result in future improvements. As a team that has a lot of potential, we are looking forward to what is yet to come. Report written by: Caylin O’Kelly

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