Wynberg Girls' High and Westerford Cape Town-based company were rated the best at the Blastbeat World Finals held in Dublin, 12 January.

Blastbeat is a high school competition in which groups of students around the world set up their own music and media companies to promote new bands in their area or community. Taking on roles such as CEO's, Financial Director, Marketing Officers, talent scouts and PR officers, the students organise their own 'Battle of the Bands' competition to select a winner to proceed to the national and world finals.

In the South African Final held in November 2007 at Jameson Hall, UCT, Wynberg Girls’ High and Westerford shared first place. They agreed to combine and form a new company for the World Final which was held in Dublin at the 'fab and funky' bar, Tripod, on Saturday, 12 January.

Staff of Wynberg Girls' High were thrilled to hear from Melissa McCarthy, the accompanying teacher, that the South Africans had come out tops and apparently ‘wowed’ the judges. Our champions returned to Cape Town on16 January at 10:30 and Mrs Robertson was at the airport to meet them. We certainly hope to give them a rousing welcome when they return to school!

Wynberg Girls’ High School is extremely proud of the girls who participated.

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