Wynberg was proud to welcome our new Grade Eights to our family. Their school year began with a welcome party planned especially for them by the School Council.

This had the theme of a carnival, and involved house challenges, a picnic, visits to some of the hidden niches in the school, and some fun time around the swimming pool. This allowed the Grade Eights to meet new people and bond with each other, and get a feel for their new school.

Following this initial welcome, there was a three-day orientation programme during the first week of school. During this time, the four Pillar Heads of the School Council were each given a chance to introduce their pillar and the respective extra-murals offered in each field. Aside from the general presentations and chances to ask questions, different activities were also enjoyed, to encourage participation from the Grade Eights. These activities included a sandwich-making competition during the Service slot, and a dance sequence from the Cultural Pillar, where everyone was taught a set dance routine and each house was given the opportunity to perform together to earn points. The girls also came up with their own individual house cheers, incorporating our 2015 spirit slogan: “For the gees”. They showed great initiative and enthusiasm, and the winning team had the privilege of their cheer being used to inspire our 2015 School Council cheer.

Along with many other fun activities, such as impromptu drama, a general knowledge quiz and team-building challenges, the girls were also taught the school song and granted a tour of the school, various presentations and question-and-answer sessions to help them to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. The objective of the orientation was to properly introduce our Grade Eights to their new school, and assist them in feeling at home with each other and their leaders, while understanding the fundamentals of what our school stands for and encouraging them to take advantage of our “LIMITLESS” possibilities. This objective was most certainly attained, and we look forward to formally welcoming our Grade Eights into their new family at the upcoming Pledge Ceremony.

Congratulations to the Apsley Grade Eights, who won the overall house challenge!