Justine Meyer and the Matric leaders reflect on a satisfying term's achievements.

As the end of the term draws to an end, there is such a feeling of immense pride. From the start of the Grade 8 orientation, we could see the eagerness in this intake of students. Their willingness to help and their unbounded energy are inspiring. Our focus thus far has been on support and I am very grateful to everyone who has supported their peers over the term. In the house challenges held recently, we placed third in the Copenhagen/Silverlea house challenge and first in the Kirsten/Constantia lip-sync, I am so proud of the effort our contestants invested in this challenge.

Our theme or character for this year is Winnie the Pooh - the reason for this change is beautifully summed up by Emma Gammon: “Although Winnie the Pooh isn’t the most heroic figure, he is kind at heart and will always be there for you no matter what you have done. As a house, we want to be there for others and encourage them through all circumstances. Pooh is also friends with everybody that he meets, no matter their shape, size or colour. Wellesley wants to be friends to all people. Pooh is fun, caring and loving and as a house we strive to be like him in the year 2020.”

SJ Tutor Group
Reflecting on the past term, is it clear to see that the girls in our tutor group have grown and built great friendships with each other. From the start, you could sense the Grade 8s excitement about belonging to this group and they have integrated easily into the tutor group. We try to start the morning with a feel-good song: each morning a grade has a turn to choose this song - a fabulous way to connect and start the morning on a good note. We have also started playing TikTok songs which some dance to. It may seem a silly thing to do, but this small gesture can change your day. We have grown our relationships between the grades and we really have a great bond, I am really excited to see how these grow over the course of the year. Each tutor is meant to be a safe space and a place where everyone feels comfortable and I can truly say that this is true for our tutor group.

HL Tutor Group
In our tutor we believe in being one and being one family as this is the place you come to every morning for your whole high school career. Our tutor group is very active in sports, culture, academics and enjoys entering house challenges. We have many girls who excel in sports such as indoor hockey, hockey, netball, ballet, dance sport, orchestra, choir, vocal ensemble, string ensemble, cricket, touch rugby, waterpolo and of course academics and service. Our goal as a tutor group is to strive to be the best we can be and while doing so, rely on each other for help and guidance along our journey through high school. Each morning, someone is eager to help with the register or to write subs on the board and everyone is eager to be of service and do well in school. Our tutor all in all is about sisterhood.

VM Tutor Group
Orientation was such an amazing experience for me as a matric leader. It was wonderful being able to interact with all of the Grade Eights one on one and make them feel at ease for the next day, but it also created the wonderful sense of nostalgia when I thought about my own orientation. I honestly think that VM as a tutor group have become closer over these past three months. Slowly but surely people are coming out of their shells and communicating with each other. We have girls involved in all the pillars of the school; from Enviro Club in the Sustainability portfolio to DanceSport in the Sports Pillar. I have also seen an increase in participation in challenges and drives. We are getting there and pulling our weight to benefit the house. The spirit in Wellesley is amazing and I love the fact that even though we are last, nothing can break our spirit. I’m immensely proud of our tutor group am glad to be a part of the VM and Wellesley family.

CK Tutor Group
At the beginning of the year we set our goals down for our tutor group. One of the key goals was to be respectful to each other, and to celebrate everyone's achievements no matter how small. Our group is filled with girls who care for each other: they really will always lend a helping hand. We want Wellesley to ascend on the leaderboard by meeting challenges and expectations and know that together we can make a difference.

Wellesley Term 1