Nadia Parker reflects on the achievements of Wellesley House in Term 1 and the impact of their 2019 motto on their achievements: I can do things you cannot. You can do this I cannot. Together we can do great things.

Term one of 2019 was a term filled with great amounts of gees, support and hard work. The girls succeeded in many spheres, from putting their best into challenges to collecting merits and supporting both our house and our school. The effort Wellesley has invested in our house this term shows that we are a bunch of determined young women who strive only for the very best. While it's not been a term of triumph only, when we have faced difficulties, we have picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and kept pushing forward. As Head of Wellesley I am extremely proud of all that we have achieved this term, and I am excited about new adventures we are about to embark on, the successes we’re about to achieve and the fun we’re about to have.

It was such a treat having such a wonderful group of Grade 8s join us this year! They have proved themselves to be a very eager bunch who are helpful and enthusiastic about participating in challenges and contributing to the making of sandwiches. Without these girls, we wouldn’t have been able to get where we are right now! This fun, loving and crazy bunch of Wellesley girls have already made us so proud in such a short period of time.

The combined effort of our four tutor groups, led by our hardworking matric leaders and class tutors, is where the magic begins. This is where we’ve grown from strength to strength and will continue to do so. Our tutor groups have become home to many and they have worked hard in everything that our house participates in. We couldn’t have done it without this amazing support system! May the love, laughter and happiness continue to grow amongst our girls, especially in our tutor group.

Merits, supporters cards and sandwiches were our biggest successes this term. As a result of the girls' hard work this term, we received many merits for all subjects and activities that girls participated in and were greatly encouraged by these successes! Events after events, our girls pitched up and brought fantastic spirit, this resulted in many supporters cards being filled. Out of the eight houses, I am proud to report that Wellesley came first in providing sandwiches for Capricorn Primary School this term. This underlines our efforts to put a smile on others' faces.

We congratulate our girls on coming second for the lip sync battle and third for the Silverley and Constantia challenge! We are ready for the upcoming challenges as we will definitely give it our all to show the school what we are made of!

May our Wellesley girls have a wonderful holiday and enough rest so that we’re ready to tackle term two when we reach it.

Nadia Parker