The learners of WGHS have taken a stand against bullying. It is a sad truth, that in every environment, bullying is prevalent.

Bullying can be seen as the foundation of many acts of violence, it can start with hateful thoughts, hateful words, and later lead to acts of violence. It is important that bullying be tackled before it turns into hateful words, but sometimes this is difficult to do because we live in a digital world.

The newly formed Social Justice Forum (SJF) sent out a Google form to all WGHS learners to find out their take on what bullying is, and whether or not people have experienced bullying or are still experiencing bullying at our school, or in their everyday lives. The form received hundreds of responses from learners in Grade 8 to 12, which is something the SJF was very happy to see. The form is only the beginning of what the SJF plans to do.

Both the Peer Guides and RCL members feel strongly about the matter of bullying, as bullying has an effect on everyone’s mental health and everyday behaviour. We, as the WGHS community, can all agree that our school is no place for any acts of violence towards students or teachers. The RCL prides itself on being a body which students can feel comfortable enough to complain to and suggest any changes when they feel individuals have been oppressed. Peer Guides are a body that urges every learner to seek help when they need it, not to feel ashamed for being down, but rather to embrace the chance to ask for guidance. It is important that every WGHS student feels safe at school, it is important that no learner bullies any teacher or peer.

“A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.” As students, let us treat others the way we wish to be treated and not to forget our six school values: accountability, courage, inclusivity, integrity, respect, and empathy.