This month, every day, we will be tracking some of the lives of the extraordinary women who have attended this school. Our 23rd inspirational past pupil is mother of two, currently on maternity leave, and a mentor and coach for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Jehan matriculated in 2003, and completed her National Diploma in Public Relations Management 2004-2006, and in 2007 completed her BTech in Public Relations Management.

Five years ago she began working for the well-known Allan Gray Orbis Foundation - an organisation which is in search of potential high-impact responsible entrepreneurs, and offers extraordinary scholarships and fellowships to the most promising young and entrepreneurial minds at the start of their high school or university years.

To be selected for these programmes, their candidates need to have a track record of excellence, and need to reflect the values that are core to their Foundation: Academic Excellence, Intellectual imagination, Courageous Commitment, a Spirit of Significance and Personal Initiative. Apart from the financial support they offer, what is extraordinary about these scholarships is the personal support received by these candidates in the form of personal mentorship and coaching.

And Jehan is a Personal Leadership Officer, which involves mentoring and coaching university students. On a daily basis, she offers the very best support with regard to their academic and personal development, and facilitates workshops on personal development/mastery and life skills. She is empathetic, kind, and insightful. The ongoing support and investment in these bright young minds reveals a commitment to education and the kinds of young people we need in South Africa - indeed what any country needs. We salute the work that you are doing, Jehan.

Jehan Chikte