This month, every day, we will be tracking some of the lives of the extraordinary women who have attended this school. Our 22nd inspiring alumnae member is actress, dancer and stunt woman, Sam Willoughby.

After matriculating at Wynberg Girls' High School in 2011, she plunged headlong into the entertainment industry.

She began working mainly as a dancer and believes that she was "lucky enough" to perform and work all over the country - and world - including places like India, Dubai, the Seychelles and the United States.

As she progressed, a love affair with the Film Industry began for her, and this is where the focus of her life and her attention lies. She works as an actress, dancer and stunt performer.

A few of the International films that she has been involved in include Honey 3: Dare to Dance, A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits, Bring it on 6: Worldwide Cheersmack, Steven King's “The Dark Tower”, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” and part of Johnny Knoxville’s stunt team on “Action Point”. In October this year, she will be heading off to China to join the cast of Chicago, the musical on their international tour.

She describes the journey as richly rewarding, with peaks and valleys, and work that is tireless and assiduous. The number of rejections she has faced have been "incalculable", but resilient, determined, focussed, Sam continues this path, curious and excited about where it will lead. She's invited us to follow her journey via her Instagram posts.

She wanted us, in this post, to add a few words of encouragement for any young students who are also wanting to venture into the film and entertainment industry. Candidly, she commented that there was "nothing glamorous" about it, even though it might seem so from the outside. She advised that It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and enough love and passion for what you do in order to hear "no" a million times, and to keep moving forward, as though all you heard was "yes". But she reminded girls to "believe in themselves when no one else will."

2019 Sam Willoughby Body Burn
2019 Sam Willoughby
2019 Sam Willoughby