The Captains of our Hockey Teams report on their matches against Fairmont High School this weekend.

What a wonderful game of hockey! The u14B team played their best game of the season despite the loss. Most of the game was played in our attacking half. While a number of shots were taken, scores were not realised. If we couldn't measure the worth of the game in the number of scores gained by our team, our growth as a team soared. Sadly, we lost 0-8 to Fairmont which in no measure indicated the quality of the game. We have identified our weak areas and hope to better them for the upcoming game.

The U16A team played against Fairmont on the 18 May 2019 and the game unfortunately ended in a loss of 3-2. It was a tight game with the first goal of the game being scored by Amy Johnathan. Fairmont came back and equalised to 1-1. Wynberg got really tired which cost us another goal. With some fighting hockey played in return, Yasmin Adams did more than restore our dignity by scoring another. We kept fighting until the last chukka but couldn't put a goal in the back of the net. Unfortunately, Fairmont managed to do what we were struggling to do with a 3-2 result. Well done to the team our team, who were solid on defence but unlucky on the scoreline.

On Saturday the 18 May, the U16B hockey girls played against Fairmont. The match was well played, but unfortunately Fairmont won with a final score of 1-0. In this match everything we had been working on in our practices was evident in the way we were playing, and the girls definitely had some good runs and shots at goals. Even though Wynberg did not leave the match with a win, it was closely contested to the very last minute of the game. The energy in the team was amazing, and we hope to see some big wins in the future.

The under 16C team played Fairmont on Saturday morning. This was a very good match and our girls played very well. Our defence was very strong and we identified our weaker areas, such as attacking and going forward.. We managed to stop many balls, but Fairmont put a few balls in the back of the net which was very unfortunate. Although the scoreline did not reflect our improved performance (6-0 to Fairmont), our communication was so better than it had been in previous games. Our woman of the match was Tamia Jade Lottering, but a huge well done to all the girls.

2nd TEAM
Wynberg won the toss and Fairmont started with the ball. The first half was intense with Wynberg constantly in Fairmont's half, yet they were unable to execute their goals. However, Fairmont managed to break free a few times, which resulted in a goal. By the end of half time the score was 1-0 to Fairmont. Wynberg came back even stronger in the second half and scored a goal which evened out the score line. Both teams were equally matched and the final score was 1-1. Well done to Raniya Khan on her goal.

1st TEAM
Blood, sweat and tears. These are the words which come to mind in first team's game against Fairmont High on Saturday. Determination was set in the face of every player, and having worked on vulnerabilities, the team was up to the challenge.

The first chukka began and our team absorbed the pressure really well. Within the game, the teams one-to-one marking increased. Unfortunately, a goal was conceded and the game was on. Still, we couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. Fairmont scored yet another goal, but Wynberg carried on playing THEIR game. At the end of the game, it was evident that everyone had given 100% (if not more), especially Amaal Ceres, whose performance had to have been her personal best! Despite the loss, when your best has been given, there is certainly no shame! It was an exhilarating and demanding game - and the reason that we were out there.

2019 1st Team Hockey vs Fairmont
Coach Ryan 2019 1st Team Hockey vs Fairmont
2019 1st Team Hockey vs Fairmont
2019 1st Team Hockey vs Fairmont
2019 1st Team Hockey vs Fairmont
2019 U14 B Hockey Vs Fairmont
2019 U16 A Hockey Vs Fairmont
2019 U16 C Vs Fairmont
2019 Hockey Vs Fairmont