On Wednesday 7 April it was World health day, a global health awareness day. This day is aimed to shed light on and create awareness of important matters including mental health, maternal and child care, climate change, and the importance of healthcare workers. This day highlights and pinpoints areas and ways to achieving a better lifestyle and living a disease-free life for all.

The Wynberg Campus of schools' focus over the past few weeks has been to show appreciation to our frontline healthcare workers as we continue to battle through the global COVID pandemic. As you may have seen the Wynberg campus of schools recently held civvies days to raise funds for the healthcare workers at Victoria Hospital. We will be donating our consolidated funds to the hospital to provide an outdoor area where the healthcare workers can take a break and get some fresh air while sitting outside enjoying the scenery and tranquillity of a garden.

On this day we encouraged our community to give thanks to the healthcare workers and be mindful of the people around us that are in need of healthcare as well as spread awareness of any healthcare matters that need to be addressed.