On the last day of school, it has become a tradition for the Head of School, the Head of Service and the Head of Culture to work together to provide a concert for the support staff. It started off with a bang as one of the T-lights exploded, resulting in the performers scuttling about to clean the shards of glass up! They were running to a very tight schedule because Final Assembly was due to begin just 45 minutes later.

This year, there were performances from the Junior Marimba Band, some of the items from the Dance Society Showcase, the Choir, the Vocal Ensemble and a solo item from our Head of School, Rayne Callaghan. In paying tribute to the staff, Rayne gave us a thought-provoking description of what would not be done at our school without these staff members. Thereafter, the school council, leaders of the school in 2011-2012, gave each of the guests of honour a small gift as a token of their appreciation.

There is little doubt that the concert was enjoyed by both the girls and their guests of honour. It was to a thunderous applause and a standing ovation that the support staff of Wynberg Girls' High left the Aileen Currie Hall.

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