Wynberg Girls’ High School is proud to announce the launch of our Rethink the Bag Campaign in collaboration with Hayley McLellen, Environmental Activist at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Plastic forms a large, though largely unnoticed part of our lives, but it is damaging our environment, especially our oceans - an integral part of our diverse and complex planet. It would be almost impossible to give up using plastic entirely, so this campaign asks us to start by doing just do one thing: to end our use of plastic shopping bags (psb). Psb’s are amongst the biggest sources of litter in our environment and it is something for which we can easily find sustainable alternatives.

We want to be named as one of the first high schools in the Western Cape to become a plastic shopping free zone by the 3rd of July 2018. This is International PSB free day. The first steps of the Two Oceans Aquarium’s criteria to become a psb free school have been met: we have a commitment from Mrs Harding and our school management to monitor and support the process, and we have sourced reusable bags made by a community project.

These bags are for sale for R20 at school during break time on Friday the 9th, Tuesday the 13th and Friday the 16th of February. They are lightweight and fold up easily into a small pocket sewn inside. The beautiful designs on the bags were created by some talented Wynberg girls, the winners of the Rethink the Bag design competition from last year: Caris Getrzen, Iman Soni and Chèyenne Britten.

To meet the criteria fully, we need our whole community’s help: your help. We need a pledge from each learner and parent to start reducing their use of psb’s now, and eliminate their use at school by the 3rd of July 2018.

We hope that this campaign will influence all of our lives beyond school, and beyond psb’s. We hope that it will make us think more about all the plastics and other single-use resources we use and take for granted. But for now we ask you to do just one thing: Rethink the Bag.

Please sign the pledge here.

A list of names will be printed and displayed at school.

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