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Trinity Music Results Are Here!

We congratulate our Music students on the results of their Trinity College of London Exams.

25 November 2019

DanceSport Post Exam Challenge

We threw out the challenge, and WOW did the houses rise to it!!

22 November 2019

Bountiful Harvest post exams!

During an exciting day of of post-exam stress-release options, a few girls chose to take advantage of the beautiful weather and help in the school's vegetable garden.

22 November 2019

WOW! Get Soaked, Stay Stoked about the Water Polo Challenge!

The learning curve was steep and the challenge intense! In the multi-purpose swimming pool our girls showed us that they have what it takes - technically and strategically.

22 November 2019

Much Hilarity at Soccer Challenge

Today was a great display of just how talented our girls are: yes, on the odd occasion some forgot we were playing soccer and played netball causing much laughter, but all the games were action-packed.

22 November 2019

It's Throwback Thursday

Heads of Houses, do you remember this?

21 November 2019

The Perks of being a Principal!

There was much excitement as Mrs Tammy Duggan and Mrs Harding, our Marketing Officer and Principal, took collection of our new school bus from the dealers this morning!

18 November 2019

Danielle Jacobs's First Aid Team Wins Competition

Huge congratulations to Danielle Jacobs and her First Aid Team, who won the First Aid Competition for volunteers at the city of Cape Town's Disaster Risk Management Centre's Training Centre in Constantia held on 13 November.

15 November 2019

Living with Diabetes

This month is Diabetes Month, and three of our girls thought it a good idea to talk about their experiences of managing this disease. Listen in to our latest podcast as Jessi Solomon chats to Qaniah Arnold and Dana Da Mata about it.

14 November 2019

Returning your Textbooks

The systems are in place, and the textbook team is already organising, repairing and preparing for the issuing of books in 2020.

14 November 2019