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Netball vs UK Touring Team

It is always exciting playing an international touring team, and this match was no exception.

12 July 2019

South African Maths Olympiad Results

Certificates for those who made it into the second round of the SA Mathematics Olympiad have arrived!

12 July 2019

#11days - Meet our Lady Bracknells!

As we hurtle towards our Opening Night, on a daily basis, we will be introducing the cast members of The Importance of Being Earnest to you.

12 July 2019

Selected for WP Squash Team!

Huge congratulations to Pearl Gungu who has been selected to represent the U16A side for Western Province Squash!

12 July 2019

Olympiad news just in!

Huge congratulations to Mariné Bosch who came 74th in the country in the English Olympiad! Given that this demanding competition drawing over 8000 entries from around South Africa and its surrounding countries, it's a huge achievement!

12 July 2019

End of an era - we say goodbye to Jo

There are some staff members whose impact is too great to measure in words. Finding the words to say farewell to Jawaahier Petersen is one such individual. The impact that she has had on staff and students alike at this school is immeasurable.

12 July 2019

Lighting up our world!

During the holidays, there was some very hard work being done in our hall as a new lighting board and stage lights were installed just in time for the Wynberg Girls' and Boys' High Major Production.

11 July 2019

Thinking positively about ourselves...

In this delightful FemSoc initiative, Wynberg girls were invited to tell us what they love most about themselves.

11 July 2019

Cleaning up with EnviroClub

The EnviroClub took a moment to photograph the group of Enviro Warriors on their first cleanup of Term 3 in Maynardville Park.

10 July 2019

Representing our Province in Hockey

The end of term certainly does not necessarily mark a respite from hockey - for some, it provides an opportunity to focus on it!

9 July 2019