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2020 Summer Sports Awards

Congratulations to all the sportswomen who achieved certificates, half colours, and colours in their various sporting codes for 2020!

13 April 2021

Honouring the Life of Althea Kennell

We are very sad to inform you that Althea Kennell passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer.

12 April 2021

Mindfulness Week

The Mindfulness Week, a collaboration between various societies, was a success! Read the about the week and the learner feedback below.

12 April 2021

Wynpress Term 1 2021

The Wynpress Editorial Team share their thoughts on the topic, "Coming of age".

12 April 2021

World Health Day

On Wednesday 7 April it was World health day, a global health awareness day. This day is aimed to shed light on and create awareness of important matters including mental health, maternal and child care, climate change, and the importance of healthcare workers. This day highlights and pinpoints areas and ways to achieving a better lifestyle and living a disease-free life for all.

9 April 2021

WGHS Enters the 5FM, 5Drive Interschools Music Challenge

Recently, three of our Grade 12 learners - Bernadetta Kabou Block, Phoebe Andrews, and Happiness Walter very bravely entered a competition on 5Fm Radio – The 5Drive Interschools Music Challenge.

9 April 2021

Our Art journey continues…

This week the Art Committee has chosen to showcase the artworks of Milla Lauts, Mickayla Reeks and Alexandra Figaji, all of whom are now in Grade 12.

8 April 2021

MSA meet for prayers and lunch

MSA held a successful prayer meeting and lunch to strengthen their bonds

31 March 2021

The Mountain Club Hikes Elephant’s Eye

The Mountain Club had another spectacular adventure!

31 March 2021

Staff News Term 1 2021

A special staff meeting was held to celebrate and honour some of our staff members. WGHS also welcomes a new full time staff member this term.

31 March 2021