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Basic Beginnings: African Dance with Elvis Sibeko

Our Grade 10s and 11's experience the wonders of African Dance with the inspirational and talented dancer, Elvis Sibeko.

6 April 2019

Tough but Exciting Start to the Hockey Season

Our U16C and D Hockey Teams report on the results of their Hockey matches against Paarl Gimnasium on Saturday 6 April

6 April 2019

It is here!

Sit back, relax and take a moment to soak up the highlights of the year 2018 in our annual magazine, created and edited by Sjaene van Wyk. It is available to you to read online or to download in pdf format. Enjoy the extraordinary accomplishments of your daughters!

6 April 2019

The Secrets of Rose Swirl Piping

In the series of basic beginnings tutorials with our Communications Team and various clubs and societies, this time Juliette Lindup introduces us to the secrets of rose swirl piping

6 April 2019

Bringing back some weight after SA Regional Swimming Championships!

We congratulate Courtney Badenhorst on her extraordinary achievements in the recent South African Regional Level 2 Championships which took place in the Eastern Cape recently. Not only did she qualify to participate (no mean achievement in itself) she also brought home five medals!

5 April 2019

Participating in National Athletics Competition

We celebrate the opportunity two of our top athletes were given when selected to participate in the National Athletics Competition in Port Elizabeth from 20-23 March,

5 April 2019

Term 1, 2019 - Pillar Awards

The Pillar Awards are made at the end of each term to acknowledge outstanding achievement within that pillar during the term.

5 April 2019

South Africa Joins Global Climate Strike Movement

Ruby Sampson was one of the organisers of the Climate Strike which took place on the last day of the first term of school in Cape Town. She reports briefly on the strike which took place outside parliament.

4 April 2019

Wynberg's GK Elite - Congratulations!

We congratulate Wellesley, Kirsten and Waterloo who house the General Knowledge Champs in the third GK Quiz this year. While our Grade 12's feature most commonly amongst those having the greatest general knowledge, this time, the top mark goes to a Grade 9 student.

4 April 2019

Basic Beginnings with our EnviroClub

In the first of a series of basic beginnings with some of our Clubs and Societies, our EnviroClub talks about another veggie garden that they've just planted.

3 April 2019