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Tuesday Tales - lone protester long after the fact

It's the month of August, 2020 and the crime against women in South Africa continues unabated. A Grade 10 learner, in reviewing a novel by Chimamanda Adichie for one of her English tasks, reminded us all of the importance of countering oppression right where we are.

18 January 2021

Hockey News!

Some of our hockey enthusiasts have been busy!

18 January 2021

Our Enviroclub transforming spaces!

This past Wednesday our Wynberg Girls' High School Enviroclub set out to Southfield Primary School for a productive day of planting. They, with the help of the Southfield school learners, transformed an area of the school into a garden, in which the learners can now maintain!

We would like to thank @CTEET and @WWF South Africa for funding this project.

18 January 2021

Winner in the Western Cape!

We are delighted to hear that Buyisile Nqubelani remained the top poet in the

I would like to thank the Wynberg community's support with voting in the Competition. I was fortunate enough to stay 1st in the Western Cape for the duration of the competition and accumulated 52642 votes. I have also received R5000 for this achievement which would've not been possible without the support of everyone. I am truly grateful to the Wynberg Community and the rest of our province for helping me grow exponentially in this experience.

Kind Regards

18 January 2021

Final results Maths

18 January 2021