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'Hopes' - Booking for Major Production 2009 opens

Booking for the Wynberg High Schools' 2009 major production opens on 24th July - don't miss out on this fabulous family comedy.

20 July 2009

Cape Town Teams take part in World Intercity Maths Competition

We are super proud that one of our students is in the A team for the Intercity Maths Competition.

1 July 2009

Newsletters - June 2009

Take a moment to reflect on the events and achievements of our girls in the last month. View our June 2009 Newsletter here

30 June 2009

Term 2: The Discobolus Award - Fiona Dunbar

The Discobolus Award is one of the pillar trophies awarded to students for outstanding achievement in the sports pillar.

23 June 2009

Cultural Trophy Award - Term 2, 2009

The Cultural Trophy, Orpheus with his Lyre, is awarded at the end of each term for outstanding achievement in the cultural pillar.

23 June 2009

Pillar Award - Athena Trophy, Term 2 2009

The Pillar Awards are made at the end of each term to acknowledge outstanding achievement within that pillar during the term. These prestigious trophies were especially commissioned by Wynberg for the foundational pillars of the school. Each trophy has a silver figurine mounted on a piece of Chapman’s Peak and each is named after a Greek God associated with the discipline.

23 June 2009

Newsletters - May 2009

Take a moment to reflect on the events and achievements of our girls in the last month. View our May 2009 Newsletter here

29 May 2009

'Hopes' - at work

Rehearsal have begun for this year's major production. We popped into their rehearsals and met some of the members of the Hope Family.

23 May 2009

Wynberg girl wins SA's Premier National Science Competition

'MinquizTM is regarded as South Africa's premier annual national Science competition for Grade 12 learners, and has been running since 1988.

15 May 2009

Girls' Sports and Cultural Tour 2009

Early this morning, a number of our girls from our sports teams and cultural societies met at Cape Town International Airport to fly to Pretoria, where they will be participating in a Sports and Cultural tour for South African Girls' Schools.

30 April 2009