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Co-Ed Gala

Our Swimmers report on the results of the Co-ed Gala held at the Newlands Swimming Pool.

14 February 2008

Grade Eleven Camp - 2008

It's all about Pride, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Tolerance and Etiquette...PIRATE is the focus of our Grade Eleven Camp.

6 February 2008

Matric Sleepover - 2008

On Thursday morning, 24 January, the matrics were spotted carting more bags than would usually be needed for a school day: amongst these items were cooler boxes, tents, sleeping bags and pillows.

24 January 2008

14-18 January with Wynberg

Wynberg gets off to an enthusiastic start to the academic year with programmes, parties and high expectations.

18 January 2008

Welcome home to our Blastbeat Champions!

Wynberg Girls' High and Westerford Cape Town-based company were rated the best at the Blastbeat World Finals held in Dublin, 12 January.

16 January 2008

Winner of the Discobolus Award - Term 4 2007

The Discobolus Award is one of the pillar trophies awarded to students for outstanding achievement in the sports pillar.

6 December 2007

Pillar Awards - Term 4, 2007

The Pillar Awards are awarded at the end of each term for outstanding achievement in each of the pillars.

30 November 2007

Interhouse Sports Day - 2007

A day that should have been filled with sport and plenty of sun, but didn't quite turn out as planned...

28 November 2007

First Gala of the Swimming Season

It is always said that the joy of life is in the participation, and it was certainly clear from the faces of our team, that the afternoon was enjoyed by all.

11 October 2007

Heads of Pillars - 2007-2008

We congratulate the four girls who have been appointed to head the four pillars of Wynberg Girls' High.

23 September 2007